Amor. Cultura. Pasión.

Founded in 1962 by Mexican immigrant, Don Pedro Vasquez. We are a small family business that specializes in home-made products that bring people together. From cakes, pan dulce, to Mexican food, we use the highest quality ingredients and create art with everything that we do.

Establecido en 1962 por el inmigrante Mexicano, Don Pedro Vásquez. Somos una pequeña empresa familiar que se especializa en productos caseros que reúnen a las personas. Desde pasteles, pan dulce hasta comida mexicana, usamos ingredientes de la más alta calidad y creamos arte con todo lo que hacemos.

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Handmade Pastries


This classic Mexican pastry is mildly sweet with a soft fluffy inside and a crumbly shell shaped paste on top.

Elote de Azucar

This bread has a crumbly, sugar-coated surface, with a sweet and soft center. Its shape resembles a corn stalk, hence its name.

Butter Croissant

Traditional French pastry with a flaky crust and soft inside. Perfect for dipping in hot chocolate.

Pan de Guatemala

Soft, layered Guatemalan bread with paste center.



Art in Everything that We Do

Tres Leches Cake

Unique home-made recipe. Spongy bread soaked in 3 types of milk - condensed, evaporated, whole milk. Hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

Mango Cake

Mango flavored bread filled with a mango mousse. Topped with Mango Jelly. Surrounded by chocolate cage.


Mexican custard dessert coated with caramelized sugar. made with our home-made recipe. Our home-made flan recipe makes it uniquely creamy, spongey, and rich.

Tiramisu Cake

Italian coffee flavored bread, filled with mocha mousse. It is covered in chocolate whipped cream. topped with cocoa powder and fruits.



Only available at our East LA and San Gabriel locations

Meat Platter

Enjoy the family and let us do the cooking for you.


Typically includes a choice of meat, beans, rice, and salsa. Breakfast options available.


Thank you Mexico for tacos.


Choice of red chile pork, green chile chicken, or cheese & jalapeño.

Aguas Frescas

All home made and naturally flavored. Made with real fruits.


Thank you for being a part of the El Pavo familia