What is Rosca de Reyes?

Three Kings Day (Epiphany)

Día de los Reyes

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rosca de reyes

What is Three Kings Day?

Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany Day, is a Christian celebration that commemorates the three wise men that visited Jesus Christ and brought him gifts. It is celebrated 12 days after Christmas on January 6th. It is mostly celebrated in Latin America and Spain. Families exchange gifts on this day as well as during Christmas. Three Kings Day closes off the holiday celebrations. Traditionally, children will leave old shoes with a wish list near their bed before going to sleep and then the next day receive gifts from the three kings. Also important, the family cuts a Rosca de Reyes cake that holds baby Jesus toys inside. The person/people that get a toy in their piece have to host a party or cook the food on February 2nd, Candlemas day.


What is the Rosca De Reyes?

On Día de los Reyes, Families and friends get together to celebrate the three wise men with a Rosca de Reyes, which is formed to represent the crowns of the wise men. Each person takes their slice of the delicious Rosca which is usually accompanied by hot drinks like hot chocolate or champurrado. Roscas come with sugar and colorful candies on top. The Rosca holds plastic baby Jesus toys inside and whomever gets a baby Jesus in their slice, is responsible to host a dinner and/or serve tamales on February 2nd, Candlemas day. It is a really fun time for the family to endure the suspense of possibly getting a Jesus toy in your slice. It is good luck but some people amusingly try to avoid it so they do not have to host a party. The best part of it all is that it is another excuse to bring the family together and have a good time. Will you be getting a Jesus toy in your slice?? Hope you are ready to party!


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